Symposium tackles adulteration of botanical ingredients


Euromed and co-sponsors will provide specialist lectures and a panel discussion at the September event in Austria

Euromed is once again partnering with the American Botanical Council (ABC), Extrasynthese, Botanicert and Hylobates to organise a symposium looking at how best to tackle adulteration of botanical ingredients.

The event will be hosted at the 67th International Congress and Annual Meeting of the Society for Medicinal Plant and Natural Product Research (GA) on 1 September 2019 in Innsbruck, Austria.

Entitled Economic Adulteration of Botanical Ingredients, the symposium promises participants a diversified programme, with expert lectures on the different aspects of botanical adulteration and fraud, case studies exploring the health risks associated with counterfeit ingredients, the role of sourcing, as well as prevention tools for the industry and propositions for risk reduction and better quality control.

Adulteration of natural health ingredients is a concern for global industry stakeholders, risk assessors and consumers alike. Despite strict regulations for herbal medicines in the EU, many products that contain botanicals – particularly those sold as food supplements – have reportedly been diluted or substituted with undeclared lower-cost ingredients.

The symposium is a continuation of the initial workshop on adulteration in health ingredients held in November 2018, and will bring together representatives from science, industry and the public sector.

Expert speakers at the event include:

  • Anna-Rita Bilia from the University of Florence and GA Director
  • Mark Blumenthal, Founder and Executive Director of ABC
  • Luca Bucchini, Managing Director of Hylobates Consulting
  • Roy Upton, Founder of the American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
  • René De Vaumas, President of Extrasynthese
  • Julien Diaz of Botanicert
  • Anna Mulà, Head of Quality Unit at Euromed
  • Stefan Gafner, CSO of ABC
  • Débora Frommenwiler of Camag AG

More speakers are still to be confirmed.

A round-table discussion will conclude the workshop, with the aim of developing a consensus statement. Important insights will be provided by the US education initiatives from the nonprofit ABC-AHP-NCNPR Botanical Adulterants Prevention Program (BAPP).

As a herbal ingredients supplier, quality management, traceability and supply chain controls are key to Euromed.

Andrea Zangara, Scientific Marketing Manager of Euromed, explained: “Counterfeit products present a significant challenge to the industry, but more importantly, they put the health of consumers at risk.”

Zangara went on to explain that to support the fight against botanical adulteration and fraud they must identify tools and practices for prevention.

Breaks during the programme will provide the opportunity for professional and personal networking.

The event will be held at the University of Innsbruck’s Center for Chemistry and Biomedicine. Since the number of places is limited, Euromed recommends registering early.

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The pre-congress symposium can be booked alone or in addition to the main congress, which runs until 5 September. Register online now.

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