SynTech Brazil invests in analytical laboratory and HQ


JJH Construtora has been contracted for the construction, with go-live planned for the first quarter of 2023

As part of an expansion plan to meet opportunities in Latin American agriculture, SynTech is building an analytical laboratory in Piracicaba, São Paulo State, Brazil.

“This is a very important milestone in our Latin America expansion – and reinforces our vision to continue to build a strong footprint in Brazil – meeting increased demand for residues analysis and other SynTech laboratory services,” said Thibaud Gachet, board member and representing Ekkio Capital, the largest SynTech investor, at the launch in Piracicaba on 6 April.

When completed, the facility will occupy 1000 sqm, and will also serve as the company’s headquarters, accommodating administrative and finance activities.

“During the last two years, we have built four field stations, three of them fully operational and one in the final stage of accreditation. Our focus now is to increase our laboratory capacity, a pivotal investment to serve our clients with quality services, from research to registration,” said Fernando Gallina, Regional Director, Latin America.

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The facility will be constructed by JJH Construtora, a Piracicaba construction enterprise, with go-live planned for the first quarter of 2023. SynTech’s current analytical programmes will then be transferred and executed in the Brazil laboratory. The initiative is hoped to help stimulate the local economy and provide employment opportunities in the region.