Synergy Flavours unveils innovative bitterness maskers for BCAA beverages at HiE


Synergy Flavours, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of flavours, extracts and essences, has expanded its nutrition offering with the launch of its innovative bitterness masking solutions at this year’s HiE exhibition

Suitable for branched chain amino acid (BCAA)-based beverages, including pre-workout, high leucine and leucine-only blends, the new maskers allow manufacturers to overcome flavour challenges often associated with BCAA-based products.

As the sports nutrition market continues to evolve and grow, so too does the demand for innovative ingredients offering consumers enhanced performance benefits.

"With more and more consumers becoming aware of the positive effects of BCAA supplementation following periods of intense exercise, BCAA-based products are enjoying a considerable surge in popularity, representing new opportunities for formulators in the sports nutrition market,” comments Hugh Evans, Marketing Manager at Synergy Flavours.

Based on market insights and extensive research and development, the latest addition to the company’s nutrition portfolio allows manufacturers to successfully strike a balance between taste and performance to increase mass consumer appeal of BCAA products.

Rosa Sullivan, Flavour Research Scientist at Synergy Flavours, explains: “As with protein-based products, BCAAs can have an inherent bitter taste profile that may hinder their ability to attract potential users. Formulators often use masking agents to cover these undesirable base notes.”

She continues: “Manufacturers typically incorporate simplistic, blanket-block ingredients into their nutrition products which distract from the bitterness. Additives, such as sweeteners and acids, are typically used but can result in the product tasting artificial and unbalanced. Finding a more selective, tailored approach to bitterness masking is therefore key.”

By applying knowledge recently gained in the field of taste, Synergy Flavours has developed bitterness maskers that are specifically tailored to interact with BCAAs. Using the new maskers, manufacturers are able to achieve significant reduction in perceived bitterness, as well as a more neutral taste profile, without the need for high levels of sweetener and acid.

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As the base sweetness and acidity are reduced, formulators are able to incorporate fresh, fruity flavours and more unusual and sophisticated profiles, including pear, elderflower, mango and passion fruit. This allows manufacturers to broaden the appeal of BCAA products and gives them the opportunity to meet consumer needs in a growing sports nutrition market.