Tasty inspiration the healthy way

New concepts for sugar-free hard candies from BENEO at ISM 2015

BENEO is using ISM 2015 as an opportunity to showcase its expanded 'Sweets Collection,' including its latest range of new product concepts and corresponding samples for sugar-free and low glycaemic hard candies. The new concepts being presented on stand will offer visitors inspirational ideas on how to develop products that meet consumer demand for sweetness and indulgence, but benefit from a healthier nutritional profile.

In Europe, consumers are looking for healthier confectionery with more adventurous flavour combinations, while also trying to eat less sugar. Exploring new ways to meet this demand presents exciting opportunities for confectionery producers. Using its Sweets Collection as a platform to present innovative ideas for sugar-free and low glycaemic hard candies, BENEO supports the development of new flavour combinations with nutritional benefits, to revitalise the hard candy market and inspire manufacturers.

The samples on stand at ISM 2015 have been developed in close co-operation with the BENEO-Technology Center and the company’s marketing team. All of the samples are low glycaemic, sugar-free, calorie reduced and contain natural flavours, in a direct response to consumer demand for cleaner labels and reduced sugar. The new product concepts on stand include

Aperol Spritz Candy: This stamped hard candy delivers a new flavour sensation with a slightly bitter taste, designed for adult palates. Containing BENEO’s sugar replacer ISOMALT, it is very resistant to acid and enzymatic hydrolysis, improving shelf-life and supporting the bitter taste sensation.

White Chocolate, Hazelnut Candy: Thanks to the use of ISOMALT, this creamy white swirl candy has a mild, velvety chocolate flavour that is ideal for those looking for a calorie-reduced dessert alternative. Additionally it may help with sugar cravings during the afternoon or in the evening.

Rhubarb-Vanilla Candy: Alongside a creamy vanilla taste this stamped cream-coloured candy includes pink specs and delivers a refreshing rhubarb flavour. The use of ISOMALT ensures these sweet and sour flavours are combined in a perfect balance.

Mint Blue Burst Candy: With a transparent form and shiny blue liquid core, these mint-filled, stamped candy drops give a refreshing kick. ISOMALT creates a transparent melt that enables the candy to keep its shine, colour and transparency during the product’s entire shelf-life. In addition, ISOMALT does not interact with active ingredients, making it the sugar replacer of choice when it comes to functional candies.

Thomas Schmidt, Marketing Director BENEO: 'New ideas are vital in the candy industry. Our latest innovative sugar-free hard candies with ISOMALT are pleasing both in terms of taste and visual appeal and encourage the industry to push the boundaries of sugar-free candies beyond cough drops. Retailers are looking for a wider choice of appealing, healthy impulse items at the check-out area and BENEO provides the inspiration for manufacturers to fill those gaps.'

BENEO’s ISOMALT is the only sugar-replacer made from beet-sugar. It has a sugar-like, mild sweetness and is the number one sugar replacer in sugar-free hard candies worldwide. BENEO has a longstanding expertise in the preparation of bulk sweeteners and in the development of healthier sugar-free candies. ISOMALT’s low glycaemic and toothfriendly characteristics are approved for EFSA health claims. It also carries a health claim by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for being kind-to-teeth.