Tate & Lyle expands tapioca-based starch portfolio


This expansion of Tate & Lyle’s tapioca-based range follows its agreement to acquire Thailand-based tapioca business Chaodee Modified Starch Co

Tate & Lyle expands tapioca-based starch portfolio

Tate & Lyle has announced an expansion of its line of tapioca-based starches.

The expansion includes the launch of Rezista Max thickening starches and Briogel gelling starches. They are suitable for use across dairy, soups, sauces and dressings, confectionery and more.

“Tapioca starch provides some unique formulation benefits such as a translucent colour and a soft gel-like texture that is especially appealing in certain applications such as dairy desserts, certain sauces, confectionery and processed cheese,” said Dr Mariana Perez-Herrera, Tate & Lyle Research Scientist.

The Rezista Max starches were designed to maintain texture and stability, even under harsh processing conditions, properties important to applications in dairy, puddings, fillings, soups, sauces and dressings.

The Briogel gelling starches create a soft gel, and are offered in a range of strengths suitable for applications such as processed cheese. They also trigger gelling after cooling which makes them suitable for use in confections like gummy candies, jams or jellies.

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“Tapioca starch is growing in popularity due to its unique texture profile, non-GMO credentials and the fact that it offers an alternative labelling option to corn starch”, said Sebastian Lemke, Director and Global Product Manager for tapioca at Tate & Lyle. “In fact, new products formulated with tapioca starch have been the fastest growing in the food industry over the last five years. We are seeing this trend play out as customers request more tapioca-based starches.”