The Future Is Bright – Microbiome Support for Immune Function

Published: 13-Oct-2023

Learn How ADM is Expanding Probiotic Possibilities with MuniSpore® Bacillus clausii CSI08

Health-conscious consumers are increasingly making the connection between a healthy gut and their overall well-being, including immune function. In fact, 58% of global consumers perceive a connection between the function of the bacteria in the gut to wider aspects of well-being, according to ADM’s Outside VoiceSM market research.

Newly published pre-clinical and in vitro studies on MuniSpore® (Bacillus clausii CSI08) show the strain’s probiotic attributes for antioxidant activity and immune function. And because MuniSpore® is a spore-forming bacteria, it remains viable under a wide temperature and pH range, making it ideal for use in supplements, foods and beverages.

Find out more about MuniSpore® when you download the product brochure.


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