The Micronutrient Initiative is now Nutrition International


Micronutrient Initiative has changed its name to Nutrition International to more accurately reflect its new role as advocate for nutrition

Since its inception, Micronutrient Initiative has focused on forging powerful partnerships with countries, donors and implementers around the globe to ensure the world's most vulnerable populations get the vitamins and minerals they need to survive and thrive.

Based in Ottawa, Nutrition International was created in 1992 as an act of solidarity with malnourished people. It has grown from a small Canadian initiative into a global nutrition organisation reaching millions of vulnerable people every year, working from its ten country offices in Africa and Asia with programs in more than 60 countries.

The Government of Canada is a founding donor and has been a key partner of throughout its 25 years of operation.

Now, the Micronutrient Initiative has changed its name to Nutrition International to reflect this growth.

While micronutrients are and will always be a critical focus of its work, Nutrition International also conducts research, influences policy, improves delivery and forges creative partnerships to promote a wide range of proven nutrition interventions in response to the SDG-era demand for knowledge and integrated development solutions.

President and CEO Joel Spicer said: “Our name is changing, but our commitment to improving nutrition for those who need it most is not."

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"We look forward to continuing to drive for better, faster ways to create the most good for the people we serve – especially women and girls.”