Tranquini leads positively relaxed lifestyle movement


Tranquini Positively Relaxed, launched in 2015, is already present in 16 markets across three continents

Tranquini, the positively relaxed premium lifestyle brand, is leading the new relaxation beverage category by appealing to a global consumer need for a more relaxed lifestyle.

The company, only recently launched in April 2015, has announced that it is now available in 16 countries across three continents, demonstrating the strong momentum behind the relaxed lifestyle movement. The picture continues to be positive moving into 2016 with the lifestyle brand set to expand to 25 countries by early 2016 – bringing it to approximately 50 countries by the end of the year 2016.

Tranquini, the first global lifestyle brand to fuel the relaxation drinks category, continues to push the boundaries of the beverage industry, leading the relaxation drinks segment into new markets across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. More specifically, Tranquini is available in markets including Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Egypt and Hong Kong, among others.

Tranquini has been created by Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer, Ahmed Elafifi, to offer a unique lifestyle proposition that fits with the needs of today’s consumers. The last two decades of the twentieth century were characterised by high-pace and high-stress tendencies and in recent years the need for stress relief has been recognised globally. There has been a noticeable lifestyle shift, which has meant that consumers are seeking products that support a balanced, active yet relaxed lifestyle.

Tranquini plays an important role in encouraging active relaxation by relieving stress, reducing anxiety and enhancing mood. The premium relaxation beverage can be enjoyed at any time of day and is specifically recommended for the following relaxation situations: to balance out those little stresses that come our way daily; to enhance moments when you are already engaging in relaxation-inducing activities; and to provide mental relaxation before an important performance such as speaking in front of a large audience, before a key business meeting or a significant exam.

Tranquini Positively Relaxed is composed of naturally occurring ingredients. The drink’s formula includes a combination of green tea (containing natural theanine), chamomile, lavender and lemon balm extracts. It also contains natural flavours, is preservative-free, does not contain artificial colourants, and has about 30% fewer calories compared to most natural juices or regular sugar-based soft-drinks.

Tranquini currently has three variants on offer - its signature pleasant fruit flavour, the recently released Tranquini Jade, a new unique flavour that contains green tea notes, and Tranquini Zero with no sugar or calories, containing a combination of sweeteners including naturally sourced sweetener from the stevia plant.

Mr Elafifi, Founder and Chief Relaxation Officer, said given the day to day stresses we face Tranquini is the perfect 21st century proposition. It helps people remain focused, actively relaxed and more broadly find a positive state of mind. 'Tranquini is extremely proud to be providing consumers with a solution to today’s hectic pace of life. We have seen a positive response to Tranquini in the countries in which we operate and are thrilled today to announce our market presence expansion. In 2016 we will be paving the way for a new world of positive lifestyle by introducing Tranquini to about 50 countries in total,' he said.

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'Tranquini is committed to inspiring people to relax, to be positive, for good to happen in their lives, and in the lives of the people they connect with and to the wider world,' he added.