Ubiquinol: a perfect fit for sports nutrition


The versatile natural ingredient offers multiple ways to respond to the latest trends in the emerging sports products market

The sports nutrition and supplements market is growing consistently and the sector’s consumer base is larger than ever. The most in-demand products are those that can support performance and muscle power as well as recovery, and consumers are looking to boost their energy levels too. Alongside sports professionals, today’s recreational athletes are well informed and becoming more demanding: They want products that are natural, safe and supported by scientific proof of efficacy. In this respect, Ubiquinol scores high. Japanese nutritional ingredients supplier Kaneka, patent holder of the world’s only bio-identical and stable Ubiquinol, has reacted to current trends and, together with its partners, has developed a variety of sports nutrition prototypes for a broad range of applications.

A crucial building block for the power of life

Ubiquinol is the only lipid-soluble antioxidant that is produced naturally in the human body. Additionally, it is found in small amounts in certain foods. Inside the body, the vitaminoid is an essential part of the respiratory chain, which is responsible for more than 95 per cent of our total energy production. Also, due to its strong antioxidant qualities, it preserves mitochondrial functionality, accelerates cellular recovery processes and has a powerful ability to fight the signs of aging. Unfortunately, the body’s Ubiquinol levels decline with age as well as after periods of stress caused by illness, unhealthy lifestyles or strenuous physical activity. To restore potential and increase energy production, supplementation is required because it is not possible to obtain sufficient Ubiquinol from a healthy diet alone. When it comes to supplementation, Kaneka’s Ubiquinol is unique: It is the only naturally produced and stable form of the nutrient that can be processed in mono supplements as well as combination products. Usually, the substance reacts very quickly with oxygen when exposed to air, turning immediately into its oxidised form, coenzyme Q10. This has inferior bioavailability and produces effects more slowly; much higher doses also have to be consumed.

Ready, steady, go: winning combination products for rapid success

Kaneka’s Ubiquinol can be delivered in various application forms without any detrimental impact on efficacy or stability. Granulate sticks, hard gelatine and chewable capsules as well as gels and liquids make supplementation easy, even on the move. Combinations with multivitamins, magnesium, carnitine and amino acids can be tailored to the needs of sportspeople who want to support their immune systems, energy production or muscular capabilities. To illustrate the broad range of possibilities, Kaneka has developed several sports prototypes, which will be presented for the first time at Vitafoods 2018.

Ubiquinol All Day Energy is a daily use supplement containing 100 mg Ubiquinol. The soft vegicaps supply the body with a firm foundation that ensures an adequate daily supply of Ubiquinol for all round energy. Repeated studies among professional sportspeople show that the higher the Ubiquinol plasma level, the greater the performance capacity and the longer the time until fatigue. It has been proven that the first positive effects are noticeable after just ten days of supplementation1.

For those taking part in extreme sports, such as triathletes, as well as people preparing for competition, Ubiquinol Flash offers extra support. Presented in powder stick format, this prototype contains 150 mg Ubiquinol in a special stabilised form plus magnesium and vitamins. It can be taken without water during training for a quick boost as well as to promote recovery afterwards. Research has shown that even a single 40-minute bout of intense physical exercise diminishes the amount of Ubiquinol in the blood significantly. Ubiquinol Flash has been developed to boost Ubiquinol in blood plasma so that peak levels are achieved just one hour after supplementation, thus promoting a rapid return to top performance. Magnesium is important for muscle contraction and relaxation, and a deficit may result in muscle cramps or weakness. A lack of magnesium may also impair the mitochondria’s ability to produce energy.

Prolonged periods of exercise also reduce the body’s immunity, which is why sore throats and cold- like symptoms are more common among athletes than in the general population. To strengthen the body’s defence mechanisms, Ubiquinol Immunity combines 30 mg of Ubiquinol with multivitamins (A, B1, B6, B12, C, D3 and folic acid). Presented as a GelPell, a hard gelatin capsule filled with gelatin beadlets, this low excipient format also has the benefit of being clean label.

Besides speedy recovery and immune defense, the building of muscle mass is often of paramount importance to those taking part in sports. Targeting this, Ubiquinol Muscle soft gelatin capsules combine 60 mg Ubiquinol with 60 mg Glavonoid, a proprietary Kaneka product which contains licorice flavonoids and plays an important role in reducing inflammation and keeping muscle tissue healthy. Muscle protein breakdown and synthesis is a dynamic equilibrium. Strength training is essential, but it triggers inflammatory processes inside the muscle fibres that lead to pain and an imbalance in amino acid levels 2. It has been shown that antioxidants in combination with protein ameliorate these symptoms while licorice flavonoids are able to suppress inflammatory mechanisms 3. A scientific study has also confirmed that in combination with exercise, Glavonoid can contribute to the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass, and even increase it 4.

Designed to be taken after training, Ubiquinol Repair improves recovery and creates new energy. The gel, consisting of special stabilised 100 mg Ubiquinol, 500 mg carnitine, 1,000 mg branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine and valine) plus vitamins, can also be taken before a work out for an extra boost. This format is quickly and easily absorbed by the body, has excellent bioavailability and is ideal for those looking for rapid effects.

Backed by sound expertise, proof of safety and scientific evidence of efficacy, these products provide a flavour of the potential of Ubiquinol. And this is just the beginning. Visitors to Vitafoods are invited to the Kaneka booth, I24, to discover how success can be #Powered by KANEKA Ubiquinol both now and in the future.


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