Valensa International awarded US patent for EyePro MD: the next generation of eye health support

Valensa International’s commercial formula includes a potent carotenoid portfolio, phospholipids, and high ALA plant-derived omega-3 oils purified through Supercritical CO2 technology (also available with added krill or algae-based oils)

The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently awarded Patent No. 9,610,313 to Florida-based Valensa International for its EyePro MD formula, which claims eye healthcare benefits related to its super-blend of lutein, zeaxanthin and astaxanthin mixed with omega-3 essential oils from krill, algae or perilla seed.

The EyePro MD patented formulas feature the process of purifying the all-natural ingredients through extraction and stabilization using Valensa’s proprietary O2B peroxidation blocker technology and its Supercritical CO2 extraction technology.

The patent, titled “Eye Health Composition and Method using Plant-Derived Seed Extract Rich in Essential Fatty Acids Derived from Perilla Seed and Carotenoids,” outlines the numerous health benefits this combination of all-natural, ingredients provides in EyePro MD. For example, the formula delivers macular carotenoid supplementation, phospholipids for enhanced bioavailability and omega-3 essential fatty acids known to support heart and cognitive functions. Although the benefits of krill oil and algae oils are noteworthy, perilla seed oil offers a unique 6:1 ratio of ALA to LA or nearly twice the ratio found in flax seed oil.

“We have designed a small soft gel loaded with a potent combination of ingredients that can be absorbed efficiently to optimise eye health,” said Dr. John Minatelli, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Valensa. “Now with the patent IP in place, distributors and manufactures from the food and nutraceutical industry can include EyePro MD in their products knowing there’s nothing else like it on the market.”

EyePro MD provides a potent array of carotenoids, which supports numerous eye health functions, according to the two-year, randomised study “The Carotenoid in Age-Related Maculopathy Italian Clinical Study” (CARMIS) in 2011. The carotenoid combination in EyePro MD were shown to reduce eye fatigue (Asthenopia) and contrast sensitivity.

EyePro MD’s carotenoid portfolio is backed by additional science, including AREDS2, TOZAL and LAST studies as well as research conducted in Japan on astaxanthin for the treatment of eye fatigue, accommodation and protection from blue light damage.

The Japanese studies further confirmed that astaxanthin alone improved eye fatigue caused by blue light induced oxidative stress (Digital Eye) in humans. According to Dr. Minatelli, these studies also confirmed that astaxanthin is quickly incorporated into the eye’s vitreous humor where it acts as a potent blue light filter to protect the macular pigment degradation on the rod and cone surfaces. This allows the carotenoid portfolio to reduce oxidative stress to the associated retinal and macular cells thus protecting and supporting eye health.

Stabilised Perilla seed oil reduces ocular inflammation by providing supplementation of ALA based omega-3, an important pre-metabolite of EPA and DHA which are membrane bound precursors of the potent anti-inflammatory prostaglandins. Seed oils rich in omega-3 content also support heart and cognitive health support.

EyePro MD Key Features

  • Powerful carotenoid combination, and omega-3/phospholipid delivery system
  • Science-based, natural ingredients include:

Zanthin Natural Astaxanthin

XanMax Lutein + Zeaxanthin

Perilla Seed Extract ALA Omega-3

Seed based phospholipids to enhance carotenoid and omega-3 bioavailability

  • Zinc-Free formula, non-GMO, organic, no allergens, 100% vegetarian