Vancouver protein powder makers recommend eight superfoods to boost your mood


Vancouver protein powder company recommends mood-enhancing foods to incorporate into everyday meals

Vancouver protein powder makers recommend eight superfoods to boost your mood

The team at Pura understands the winter can be hard.

With dark, gloomy days spent constantly indoors, the season can take its toll on anyone, particularly once the holidays are over.

To help people stay happy, the people at Pura have published a blog listing eight superfoods that can have a positive impact on your mood.

There's little doubt that food affects mood. From the tiny zings of pleasure as a square of sultry chocolate melts in the mouth to the sleepy warmth induced by a good turkey dinner — diet is inextricably linked to physical and mental health.

To boost happiness, the blog recommends eight superfoods, which can be enjoyed on their own or incorporated into meals. These include green tea, fish, chocolate, fermented food, kale, goji berries, avocados and protein shakes.

For example: "Not only do goji berries potentially help fight cancer and help you get a better night's sleep, but it's also been proven to improve energy levels, feelings of calmness and improve brain function."

"When you're looking for foods to boost your mood, it's as easy as adding goji berries to your morning oatmeal or cereal, or your trail mix when you're heading out. We like adding goji berry juice to our sparkling water."

So, if seasonal ennui is a factor this year, grab a shopping bag and get to the grocer.

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Besides regulating mood, eating right allows the body to fight off disease and maintain strength and stamina. And that's something everyone can feel happy about.