Vegan vitamin manufacturer Holier enters the market

New company has been founded in the US by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner

Photo as seen on Holier website

The vitamin marketplace has a new player with a special twist to its offering. Holier, founded in the US by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner, focuses on vegan-approved ingredients to manufacture its multivitamin.

Holier's target audience includes vegetarian, vegans and people following a plant-based diet.

"We’re here to simplify what it means to be veganish because whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or mostly plant-based, it’s not complicated. But when you’re staring down a menu, it can feel that way," explains, Gonzalez-Turner in a statement on the company website.

Gonzalez-Turner said Holier’s product offering is made with "eight science-backed vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable forms, this daily vitamin gives you everything you need and nothing extra”.

The ingredients base includes vitamin B12, Omega-3, vitamin D3, iron, zinc, iodine, magnesium and vitamin K2.

Holier’s supplements are packed into liquid-filled beadlet delayed-release capsules designed to be taken at any time of day, with or without food. The company claims its formula is tested through a third-party lab to ensure what’s on the label is exactly what’s in our pills.

The company's business strategy is to sell on its online shop and offers customers a subscription plan.