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Vidya Herbs is a progressive phytoceutical and phytonutrients company with extensive expertise, interest and deep passion in discovery, research, development, extraction, stabilisation and marketing of phyto-chemicals derived from botanical sources

Vidya Herbs is the largest part of a transnational company ‘Vidya Global’ that has interests in nutraceuticals, functional foods, beverages, food additives, natural colours, hospitality and travel, founded by eminent entrepreneur and Chemist Mr ShyamPrasad KODIMULE.

Since its inception in 2004 in Bengaluru (formerly, Bangalore), India, Vidya Herbs has expanded worldwide in response to a healthy growth in demand for its quality products, establishing its presence in all major markets of the world. Vidya Herbs today serves its customers locally from its offices in California, USA, Paris, France, Seoul, S. Korea, Osaka, Japan, Dubai, UAE and an upcoming presence in St Petersburg, Russian Federation to serve the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Production and infrastructures are the key strengths of Vidya group, now the group owns 7 different production units around the globe including 5 production sites in India and 2 overseas units located in Japan and France respectively. The group also diversified its activity by investing in a world class state of the art coffee production and processing units in the south Indian coffee capital Chikmagalur (Karnataka) for specialty coffee supplies, which has now became a strategic business unit for the group. In 2016 the group invested in France for Wine Production by owning 55 ha of vineyard in the loire valley Region of France, the Domain now called as “Domaine de L’Abbaye” located at the heart of Chinon ville, which produces the high quality of French wine for Export markets in India and China.

Vidya owns a Center for Excellence a full-fledged dedicated R&D center in Bangalore (India) with most advanced research equipment including latest LCMS to develop new functional ingredients and to study their potential effects through in-vivo / in-vitro studies related to the health application and food safety for its newly developed products. This scientific centre is being recognised by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) of the Indian Ministry of Science and Technology (New Delhi).

Vidya’s success could be attributed to the consistency of its high quality, value proposition of its offerings in terms of cost-effectiveness for customers and excellent customer-success-support. Our integrated farm-to-port (trademark) management systems ensures data driven quality management, ensuring traceable, testable and measurable quality on all parameters of importance for our clients.

Committed to nature

Motto: Vidya Herbs is committed to nature

Vidya Herbs is committed to nature in all the myriad ways and means of its farming, production, processing, exporting and sales of nature derived products.

Vidya Herbs’ sustainability policies, principles and programme is one of the region’s foremost scientific, planned and ecologically friendly programme that not only the Earth benefits from but ultimately, our clients and end customers too immensely benefit and be proud to be part of.

We actively seek to reduce dependence on synthetics, chemicals and their derivatives in all our processes. Our pragmatic approach to be as close to the natural source for our products sets us apart and provides us with the distinction we need to compete in the natural products market.

Our social responsibilities:

Finally, Vidya participates actively in the development of local community by providing support for school and for surrounding villages. Vidya closely works with local farms, committed to the economic development of the local farming populations and provides them with agricultural inputs and farm equipment for better agricultural practices and need base use of inputs.

All these commitments in favour of Nature and Men are present in the culture of the Vidya Group. At the upcoming national summit on individual contribution to national and social development, the group president Mr ShyamPrasad Kodimule will receive the Bharat Nirman Award for “Industry Development” from the Indian Trade and Industry Organisation.

Range of products

Vidya Herbs range of products cover a large spectrum of natural ingredients from herbs, algae, spices and fermented sources providing phytochemicals, carotenoids to oleoresins. Vidya Herbs is a leader in a few segments and products such as turmeric, certified organic extracts, natural carotenoids etc.

Product in focus: puremeric

PuremericTM, is Vidya Herbs’ standardised form of turmeric extract with highly desirable qualities and novel features for turmeric extract overcoming many compromises and challenges that faced generic turmeric use and incorporation into end consumer products, either as flavours, colours or as nutraceutical actives. Puremeric is available with full traceability system from our dedicated turmeric production facility at Cochin, Kerela India this production units is specially dedicated to the extraction of turmeric where Vidya is able to produce more than 150MT of highly concentrated turmeric extract every year for food, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, pet food and cosmetics industries.

Brand: PuremericTM, Vi-ActiveTM, ViwithanTM, Vi-spoTM, …

Vidya customer success

Vidya is committed not only to meet, satisfy and exceed customer expectations, but also to ‘walk the extra mile’ to ensure customer success. Our definition of customer care is not merely reactionary resolution of any customer grievances or issues, but to partake ownership of the customer’s needs, share the work and shoulder a part of the responsibility to ensure success for the customer.

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Our principle, established by our Group President, Mr Shyam Prasad is to establish personal relationships for empathetic understanding of each other’s needs and expectations towards early and mutually satisfactory resolutions.