Webinar to explore untapped prebiotic market opportunities

Published: 17-Nov-2023

NutriLeads BV and FMCG Gurus will host a webinar on consumer trends and product opportunities in the prebiotic market at 10:00 EST on Tuesday 5 December

Registration is now open for the 1-hour webinar, which will be held at 16:00 CET/10:00 EST on 5 December. 
The “Navigating the Prebiotic Boom for Health and Wellness” webinar will feature three experts from the fields of consumer research, prebiotics and natural products manufacturing.

They will explore consumer awareness, understanding and usage of prebiotics, as well as the uncovering of untapped market opportunities.

They will also delve into the world of prebiotics – their definition, mechanisms and crucial distinctions that show not all prebiotics are the same. 
“The webinar will share valuable insights for formulators and manufacturers of products designed to promote a healthy gut microbiota and other aspects of health and well-being,” said Ruud Albers, Chief Science Officer of NutriLeads.

“These insights will support efforts to create new products that contribute to optimal health.” 
The webinar will feature three speakers.

  • Mike Hughes, Head of Research and Insights, FMCG Gurus. Mike has more thn 15 years of experience analysing consumer trends, attitudes and behaviours, and currently leads the research and insight division at FMCG Gurus. He has a particular interest in highlighting how consumer attitudes and behaviours can often differ and what the true meaning of trends are for the industry. 
  • Ruud Albers, PhD, founder and Chief Science Officer of NutriLeads, a manufacturer of award-winning precision prebiotic BeniCaros. Upcycled from carrot pomace, BeniCaros has dual mechanism of action that consistently modulates healthy gut microbiota composition and trains faster, smarter and stronger innate immune responses.  
  • Patrick Firlik, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Well Traveled Health, a manufacturer of Well Traveled Immune Activator, a dietary supplement to help consumers stay well amid the stress and toll that travel takes on diet, sleep, hydration, personal routines and the immune system. The product combines pre- and postbiotics, vitamin C and zinc. 

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