Whey and lactose production gets underway at ArNoCo factory


A €50m joint venture between Arla Foods and Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK)

Production has begun at a new whey and lactose production facility, a joint venture between Denmark’s Arla Foods Ingredients and German dairy co-operative Deutsches Milchkontor (DMK).

The €50m factory is operated by ArNoCo, an organisation created specifically to produce high-quality ingredients for the food and beverage industry. Located in Nordhackstedt, Germany, 22km south of the Danish border, the new facility is adjacent to an existing 60,000 tonnes-a-year cheese factory owned by DMK, which produces Mozzarella and semi-hard cheeses such as Gouda.

ArNoCo will use the whey by-product from DMK’s cheese-making operations to produce whey protein concentrate ready to be converted into value-added ingredients for the bakery, dairy and nutrition sectors.

The new site will also produce 25,000 tonnes of lactose annually, which will be processed and sold as Arla Foods Ingredients’ premium quality Dry Blend lactose for infant formula.

Hans Jørgen Lauridsen, ArNoCo’s Project Director, said: \'This new joint venture will enhance Arla Foods Ingredients’ position as one of the world’s leading suppliers of the highest quality whey protein and lactose ingredients. The market for these products is growing faster than the ingredients industry can supply them, so the establishment of ArNoCo in co-operation with DMK is a significant development.\'

Following a test production phase last month, the ArNoCo factory is now running at 80% capacity and should be at full capacity in September.

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Lauridsen added: \'The construction of the new ArNoCo factory in Nordhackstedt is part of our quest to fulfill the pledges we make under our ‘Quality starts here’ brand platform, which promises to offer our customers security of supply backed by adequate capacity, logistics and documentation, along with uniform high product quality, supported by strong traceability.\'