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NutriScience and Arjuna launch high potency ashwagandha extract

Shoden is available as a powder standardised to 35% Withanolide Glycosides

EFSA rules nicotinamide riboside is safe for consumption

The regulatory body has also found evidence to support the substance as a good source of vitamin B3

Blockchain helps save millions in recalls

The system is is already widely used as a real-time record-keeping system

Harnessing the colours of algae

The cumulative effects of an expanding population, global warming and excessive waste are driving the search for new ...

Artemis International makes push to promote aronia berries in the US

Aronia berries are three times higher in antioxidants than blueberries and the Food and Wellness Group has been hired ...

OptiBiotix drives growth of SlimBiome technology with new distribution deal

SlimBiome is an award-winning functional ingredient that is transforming the way weight loss is traditionally approached

Sealing the future with easy opening pharmaceutical packaging

Nimble product manufacturers are always looking for the next opportunity. And, with an ageing global population, ...

Blood-based personalised nutrition company raises $6m

Baze’s Series A funding round was lead by Nature’s Way

Stirring times for US yoghurt

Innovation is vital in a changing consumer environment

Silverson mixers overcome CBD miscibility challenges

The range of laboratory mixers are engineered to allow customers to expand quickly and keep up with customer demand

Stainless steel products in contemporary bioprocessing

ASEPCO's Mark Embury on the shift from stainless steel to single-use systems in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector

The gut microbiome: The key to overall health and wellness

The discovery of the gut microbiome’s effect on human health has changed how scientists understand disease, creating ...

Prinova expands into Asia-Pacific with new subsidiary in Australia

Global ingredients and premix supplier Prinova has expanded into the Asia-Pacific market with the establishment of an ...

Nektium adds BSCG-certified Rhodiola rosea ingredient

The BSCG-certification assures athletes that the ingredient does not contain banned substances set by major ...