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Touchstone Essentials' new packaging shows commitment to sustainability

Touchstone Essentials, a detox and organic supplement direct sales company, has launched new sustainable packaging, reducing their plastic footprin...

The influence of clean label: exploring transparency, storytelling and smart production

Consumers are increasingly interested in the background and origins of the products they buy. This is particularly true as they become more proacti...

EU Commission modifies regulation for labelling and usage of novel food

Announced by NAXA, the EU Commission has reportedly modified regulation pertaining to the labelling and usage conditions of the novel food astaxanthin

Next-generation technology for capsule-based oral solid dosage forms

Nutritional ingredients haven been dosed in two-piece (body and cap) capsules for more than 100 years. Now, however, recent developments in the fie...

Research demonstrates fish oil supplement claims "vague"

A study JAMA Cardiology last month by UT Southwestern researchers has said product labels with broad statements can be misleading to consumers

Barrier product for the recyclability of plastic food packaging

Named MelOx NGen, the new barrier has proven superior in its key role of maintaining food freshness and substantially reducing plastic waste

The labelless dilemma: managing product marking for labelless PET bottles

Food and beverage brands are under constant pressure to reduce waste and improve the recyclability of their product packaging. Today, many global b...

320 scientists announce Nutri-Score support

The European Commission has committed to proposing a mandatory EU-wide harmonised front-of-pack nutrition labelling scheme called Nutri-Score by 20...

Ampacet launches PET packaging with weathered glass effect

The US-based plastic moulding company has launched a new product that is ideal for nutraceuticals

BCMPA outsourcing partners invest in agility and capacity to support continued growth in the nutraceutical sector

The recent unprecedented rises in both raw material and labour costs within the nutraceutical industry have been testing for all concerned. However...

The sustainable packaging that reduces greenhouse gases

Study reveals environmental benefits of StePac’s modified atmosphere packaging

The environmental benefits of aseptic filling

During the last decade or so, the benefits of aseptic filling technology compared with traditional hot filling techniques have become well known in...

Valio to adhere to EU single-use directives

The first changes in Valio’s packaging will be visible in the first half of 2023

Direct sticks: does the opportunity outweigh the development challenges?

Matevž Ambrožič, Marketing and PR Director at PharmaLinea, examines why you should consider launching products in direct stick format — despite the...