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Burcon launches ingredient processing and scale up services

The company's centre comprises 10,000 sqft of lab and pilot-scale production area utilising commercial processing equipment

Sabinsa agrees to purchase 150 million units of renewable power from 02 Renewable Energy

This investment in clean energy by Sami-Sabinsa Group will make a significant contribution to India’s transition towards more sustainable energy an...

Biofarma acquires US Pharma Lab and focuses solely on nutraceuticals

This partnership marks the evolution of Biofarma Group into the first global CDMO solely focused on nutraceuticals

Flexicon’s integrated solution for Müggenburg Pharma's filling line increases capacity for high-value product

When confronted with a complex requirement profile for their liquid bottling, leading contract manufacturer Müggenburg Pharma turned to Flexicon fr...

Botanic Healthcare awarded certification for plant-based extracts

The audit was conducted by Swiss cert, an international leader in the assessment and certification of quality and safety management systems

Gencor and Pharmako launch advanced targeted delivery liposomal technology

Liposomes are tiny complex structures surrounded by a lipid bilayer membrane and are not visible with a standard light microscope

BCMPA outsourcing partners invest in agility and capacity to support continued growth in the nutraceutical sector

The recent unprecedented rises in both raw material and labour costs within the nutraceutical industry have been testing for all concerned. However...

The natural route to consumer confidence

As the nutritional supplement sector continues to flourish, the desire for tablet and capsule products that have naturally derived, familiar and ea...

Vidya opens Florida headquarters

The facility will serve as the company’s main hub for its US operations, marking a significant milestone in Vidya Herbs’ expansion strategy

New greenfield soy plant fully operational

LSDH Group has finished a new soy plant that utilises innovative pulse storage and processing technology from Bühler

How supplement brands can stand out with advanced dosage form technologies

The landscape of dietary supplement dosage forms and the technologies behind them have undergone significant changes in recent years, notes Emily N...

Outsourcing partners continue to deliver for the nutraceutical industry

The last 18 months have seen challenges and opportunities in equal measure for the functional food and dietary supplement sector. Rodney Steel, Chi...

Cyanotech joins forces with Symbrosia to grow its strain of seaweed

Cyanotech and Symbrosia have announced they are exploring a relationship to grow Symbrosia's innovative seaweed product that reduces methane output...

The environmental benefits of aseptic filling

During the last decade or so, the benefits of aseptic filling technology compared with traditional hot filling techniques have become well known in...

ACG nominated for Global Water award

The ZLD project at ACG’s Dahanu plant recycles and recovers over 95% of water for reuse, helping to meet regulations and alleviate local water stress

Considerations for effective clean-in-place (CIP) systems

The production of safe food and drink products is of paramount importance to producers and maintaining hygienic — in some cases sterile — productio...