Lonza debuts aroma capsule coatings for an elevated consumer experience

Published: 2-May-2024

The company's AromatiQ formulation allows for a multi-sensory consumer experience while masking the scent of potent-smelling extracts such as valerian root

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients, the nutraceutical ingredients faction of the conglomerate, has developed a capsule coating solution which harnesses the power of natural essential oils to allow for the creation of multi-sensory supplements for consumers. 

The solution offers the opportunity for companies to enhance their supplement flavour profiles with the incorporation of oils like lavender and lemon, with no compromise on performance and delivery necessary.

Lonza’s research shows that 70% of consumers would pay more for more enjoyable, memorable supplement experience.1


Matching scents to formulations

With this knowledge, the company curated a portfolio of natural essential oils and flavour coatings that can be used to match the intended health benefits of premium supplement formulations. For instance, citrus essential oils can match mood health supplements, while peppermint is associated with focus and vitality formulations. 

AromatiQ technology can also help mask strong-smelling ingredients like ashwagandha or valerian root.

Leveraging Lonza’s 120+ year legacy of capsule innovation and manufacturing, AromatiQ technology can be used with its plant-based Capsugel Vcaps Plus HPMC immediate release vegetarian capsules in Europe.



1 Proprietary Lonza survey of 1,000 subjects, October 2023


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