NOW granted AHPA Herbal Advocacy Award for industry self-policing

Published: 21-Mar-2024

The award was bestowed upon NOW for their work in raising awareness of ghost supplement brands on Amazon

NOW, a family-owned natural products manufacturer, was honoured by the American Herbal Products Association at the 2024 member meeting on March 13. 

The Herbal Advocacy special award was bestowed in recognition of NOW‘s industry self-policing programme of testing unfamiliar brands found on Amazon with the goal to provide consumers with knowledge on quality and testing of supplements so they can make informed purchases, which was launched in 2017.

“NOW is honoured to receive this special AHPA award for Herbal Industry Advocacy in recognition of our efforts in documenting the poor quality of ‘ghost brand supplements available on Amazon and advocating for better policing,” said Katie Banaszewski, Senior Director of Quality, who accepted the award. 

“NOW started this testing program in 2017 when family owner Dan Richard decided it was important to document the problems he was seeing with many supplements for sale on Amazon. We will continue to use the tools we have to ensure the safety and quality of NOW products to also monitor unfamiliar brands found on Amazon. We will continue to advocate for Amazon to take action against dishonest brands, and for regulatory agencies to enforce existing quality requirements.”

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