Biofarma Group reinforces its international presence by acquiring IHS

Published: 4-Mar-2022

Giellepi’s finished product division has been renamed International Health Science (IHS) and Biofarma plans to compete at international level with scientifically supported and ready-to-market products available for out-licensing

Biofarma Group has acquired Giellepi’s finished product division, a science driven business serving the supplement and medical devices markets since more than 20 years. Now renamed International Health Science (IHS), the company will continue to operate internationally offering ready-to-market products available in out-licensing.

Biofarma Group, an Italian and European leader in the development, manufacturing and packaging of food supplements, medical devices, probiotic-based drugs and cosmetics, exclusively for third parties, describes IHS acquisition as a major strategic step in accelerating its global expansion in the market of licensed and clinically validated product.

The acquisition provides Biofarma access to a portfolio of ready-to-market products consisting of medical devices and food supplements backed by proprietary scientific data in different health categories such as women’s health, GI support, cardiometabolic and immune health. 

Thanks to this operation, Biofarma Group continues with the process of becoming a global player as CDMO, with further implementation of its research and development capabilities, a path already taken with the acquisition of Apharm Srl few years ago.

With IHS, Biofarma Group can now provide its customers with innovative solutions based on claims validated by rigorous preclinical and clinical studies done in collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders and conducted in prestigious hospitals and universities.

The acquisition will add IHS’ scientific approach to Biofarma’s manufacturing and technological know-how allowing the Group to meet latest consumers’ needs and offering products with superior scientific and quality attributes for competing at international level.

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