Extract and essential oil combo demonstrates cognitive benefits

Published: 8-Mar-2021

Arjuna Natural’s BCM-95 turmeric extract and purified essential oil of turmeric demonstrated the capability to prevent neurotoxicity from aluminium exposure

A study has shown the neuroprotective effect of curcumin extract in combination with its essential oil, suggesting a nutraceutical solution for mitigating the toxic effects of aluminium build-up in the brain.

In the study, Arjuna Natural Extracts’ BCM-95 turmeric extract and purified essential oil of turmeric demonstrated the capability to prevent neurotoxicity resulting from aluminium exposure. Presence of free curcumin and its metabolites were observed in the brain and plasma secondary to the complex’s bioavailability capabilities. These findings present positive implications for harnessing this curcumin delivery system to alleviate a range of common neurodegenerative diseases.

Research has suggested brain health can be compromised by exposure to neurotoxins, with aluminium believed to be of particular concern. Major sources of aluminium exposure are cookware, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. The average consumer takes in approximately 10 mg of aluminium a day, of which up to 1% undergoes absorption. Chronic exposure can actuate a neuroinflammatory response and rouse a state of oxidative stress, raising risks for neural damage, Arjuna says.

“Curcumin is known for its ability to bind to metals such as aluminium and thus could offer neuroprotection from the metal’s potentially toxic effects,” explains Lead Researcher David Banji, PhD. “But poor absorption and low blood levels of free curcumin after oral intake pose a major limitation for delivering its full clinical benefits. Curcumin’s characteristic low solubility, rapid metabolism, and quick elimination hampers its absorption into the bloodstream nor readily penetrates the blood brain barrier. This is what spurred us to examine BCM-95 of Arjuna Natural where curcumin, the key turmeric extract is combined with the purified essential oil component of turmeric as a bioavailability enhancer.”

The study of curcumin extract in combination with its essential oil was done at the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Jazan University, in Saudi Arabia and the Nalanda College of Pharmacy, Nalgonda, India. Results were published on January 27, 2021 in the journal Hindawi BioMed Research International. Lead Researcher, David Banji, PhD, and his team assessed both the pharmacokinetic profile of turmeric extract and its efficacy in exerting neuroprotection.

Research evaluated the exposure of aluminium in experimental models at different doses comparing Bioavailable curcumin and turmeric extract. Following 45 days of intervention, the cognitive impairment exhibited by the aluminium was significantly reversed with the use turmeric extract and purified turmeric essential oil complex and elicited significant improvement in spatial learning and memory.

Neuroprotective benefits observed were correlated with higher plasma and brain curcumin levels, with concentrations reportedly shown to be up to 14-fold higher in the turmeric extract- turmeric essential oil complex group than in the curcumin extract group, with higher mean residence time of free curcumin in plasma and visible reduction in aluminium-induced lipid peroxidation.

“Aluminium is unfortunately a prevalent toxin and contact with it is unavoidable in everyday life,” notes Dr Benny Antony, PhD, joint MD for Arjuna. “The challenge of maintaining brain health naturally via plant-derived supplements is that it has to be both practical and safe. We were encouraged by the immediate actionable results of this high bioavailability turmeric extract which is already widely commercially available as a leading bio-available extract.”

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