Food Matters Live 2019: Meet the innovators shaking up the gut health market

Published: 16-Oct-2019

Attendees will be free to discover new product developments from gut health innovators, listen to expert speakers exploring personalised dietary approaches, and more

Food Matters Live 2109 celebrates the nutraceutical innovators reinventing the digestive health market.

Every year, the UK spends about three-quarters of a billion pounds on probiotic products, designed to boost digestive health.

Reflecting this growing market for gut health products, Food Matters Live 2019 will showcase the challenger companies and big brands who are producing some truly innovative products.

Pioneering products

In the 'Nutraceutical Showcase' meet the teams behind groundbreaking gut health products, learn about new R&D developments in the exciting seminar programme and live theatre experiences and be introduced to new challenger gut health companies in the inaugural 'UK Future Brands' pavilion.

Supported by the UK Council for Responsible Nutrition and sponsored by i-ingredients, the Showcase features some of the most innovative nutraceuticals on the market today.

As scientists increasingly understand the link between gut health and mental health, one of the fastest-growing nutraceutical markets is digestive health products.

Discover the science behind products like Symprove, which supports the gut microbiome by delivering live bacteria to the lower gut and the fast-acting fibre supplement Bimuno, which takes just seven days to increase levels of beneficial bifidobacterial in the lower intestine.

Retails Trends

New for 2019 is the 'Future of Retail Trends' theatre, where industry insiders will take an in-depth look around new product development and gut health.

Chaired by Enid Taylor (founding director and senior therapist, Taymount Clinic for Digestive Health) the panel discussion includes Janey Lee Grace (author and natural food expert, Imperfectly Natural) and Barry Smith (founder and chairman, Symprove Ltd).

Meanwhile, In the 'Innovative Ingredients Live' theatre, join industry experts and discover how fibre enriched food and drinks can promote healthy ageing.

Chairs Nigel Baldwin (senior director Europe, Intertek) and Dr Danika Martyn (senior manager - regulatory affairs and dietary intakes health, Intertek) will be joined by panellists Dr Ieva Laurie (principal nutrition scientist, EMEA, Tate & Lyle) and Bahar Yalcindag (director of technology, Tate & Lyle) as they discuss how consumers view fibre and its benefits throughout different life stages.

Food Matters Live 2019: Meet the innovators shaking up the gut health market

UK Future Brands

Food Matters Live 2019 has brought together future gut health innovators who have won a place in new 'UK Future Brands' pavilion.

Industry experts have selected challenger companies with the potential to be the next big thing. Winners include the creator of gut-friendly Purpose Bars, which contain chicory root, currently the only scientifically confirmed plant-based prebiotics with proven health benefits, which include improved digestive health, calcium absorption and weight management.

Judges also selected Genie Living Drinks, who make delicious live and fermented soft drinks to help maintain a healthy gut. Made in the UK, Genie's unique live fruit soda and awardwinning fermented kombucha ranges are packed full of flavour and active cultures.

Staying ahead

Identifying emerging trends and new markets are vital for nutraceutical professionals who want to stay ahead of the game. Food Matters Live 2019 has invited leading supplement innovators, nutritionists and industry experts to speak at one of its renowned seminar streams examining digestive health.

Expert speakers will explore personalised dietary approaches, the increase in fermented products, opportunities for more convenient solutions, and how these will shape the digestive health sector. Chaired by Dr Katharina Bagul (Industry Manager – Food and Nutrition, Euromonitor) sessions include inner wellbeing with Katrien Lambeens (Product Manager Functional Fibres, BENEO), the who, what, when and where of consumer demand for probiotics With Sheelagh Pentony (Senior Strategic Marketing Manager, Kerry) and what innovations in gut health can tell about you with Dr Mariëtte Abrahams (Director, Qina).

For an exclusive taste of what to expect at the Nutraceutical Showcase join host Stefan Gates for a thought-provoking podcast on the future of the industry as he's joined by an expert panel including Nick Bennett, head of nutrition at Brunel Healthcare and chair of the Council for Responsible Nutrition UK, Miriam Ferrer, PhD, head of new product development at Cambridge Nutraceuticals and David Crooks, nutrition, science and communications manager at The Nature's Bounty. Listen to 'What's Next for Nutraceuticals' here:

Food Matters Live 2019 takes place at ExCeL London on 19 and 20 November 2019. Register at and view the event preview here.

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