Gencor AGEprost approved for prostate health claims

Published: 11-Mar-2021

Research supports approved health claims related to prostate health

Gencor has reported that its Ageratum conyzoides extract, AGEprost, is now listed on Health Canada’s Licensed Natural Health Products Database (LNHPD) for claims of prostate health.

The three claims are that the extract helps support prostate health, that it’s clinically shown to support prostate health, and that it helps to relieve the urologic symptoms associated with benign prostatic Hyperplasia.

"Receiving these health claims from Health Canada bolsters our research in prostate health with AGEprost by being able to offer a viable solution for those suffering with prostate disorders," said Chase Shryoc, Gencor's VP of Sales and Business Development. "We’re proud to promote these approved claims by Health Canada because of their stringent requirements and standards in allowance to any claim.”

A 12-week double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled study was conducted on 109 men aged 41-76 to study and assess the efficacy and safety of Ageratum conyzoides. In the active group, there was reportedly a steady reduction in the symptom severity for all questions in the International Prostate Symptom Score (IPSS), and a decrease in both daytime and nighttime frequency with significant reduction in total urinary frequency.

As a 5-a-reductase inhibitor, AGEprost has shown the ability to relax muscles around the urethra and smooth muscles of the neck of the bladder, Gencor says, helping relieve urinary retention and frequency. It can also block conversion of testosterone to DHT with subsequent reduction in prostate size improving urine flow.

“AGEprost is part of Gencor's Healthy Aging portfolio of ingredients for men, each of which are backed by scientific studies and extensive clinical research,” added Shryoc. “AGEprost has proven itself to be a beneficial ingredient for aging men.”

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