HealthTech Bioactives and Abolis partner for sustainable high-value polyphenol production

Published: 24-May-2024

HealthTech Bioactives (HTBA) the leading innovator in polyphenol and vitamin B12 solutions for human and animal health and nutrition, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Abolis Biotechnologies for the production of sustainable polyphenols

This latest collaboration between the two companies encompasses the development of new microbial strains and aims to address challenges relating to the supply of high-quality polyphenols to drive innovation in this fast-growing segment.

Enhancing polyphenol production

At a time of increasing interest in the potential of polyphenols for both human and animal health, this latest venture between HTBA and Abolis marks an important step in the development of solvent-free, fermentation-based production methods for these in-demand ingredients.

In its initial phase, the partnership will focus on developing two high-value molecules that currently experience limited sourcing availability.

Upon the successful completion of this stage, the established protocols will be applied to up to eight additional molecules with the aim of similarly optimising their development pipeline.

The project’s overall goals are to increase and secure polyphenol manufacturing capacities and enable reduced costs compared to traditional extraction methods.

“Our companies have been working successfully together since 2021 and we are still amazed by the Abolis team, whose values align with our own,” comments Alexandre Valls-Coma, CEO of HTBA.

“We are delighted to announce this new phase of our partnership and truly believe that it will take polyphenols to the next level and create to more value for our customers.”

The perfect partnership

Founded in 2019 following 40 years of experience in bioactives manufacturing, HTBA is a leading global producer of innovative health solutions. With a portfolio of high-value molecules, HTBA focuses on developing safe, high-quality bioactives for human and animal health.

Abolis Biotechnologies, founded in 2014, specialises in microbial strain development and biotechnological production methods.

The companies’ combined expertise reveals completely new methods of sustainable polyphenol development, in which natural bacterial fermentation replaces artificial extraction methods, which can have negative consequences for the environment.  

“We are thrilled to contribute to HTBA’s growth through this strategic collaboration," said Cyrille Pauthenier, cofounder and CEO of Abolis.

"Abolis has a proven track record in microbial strain development for polyphenol products, whereas HTBA brings its extensive global market knowledge to identify innovative applications for our solutions. This partnership is therefore a perfect match for our complementary expertise.”

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