IgY Max increases beneficial flora and improves gut integrity

Published: 1-Jul-2016

Interventions that can reduce gut-based inflammation have widespread implications for improving patient care management

A new study finds that IgY Max (i26) improves gastrointestinal integrity by increasing beneficial flora, reducing inflammation in the gut and reducing permeability of the gut wall.

That old maxim you are what you eat might have some credibility. Although dietitians and nutritionists have long understood the impact of gut bacteria on the subtle interactions of the body, larger manufacturers have only recently begun to address the connection between digestive and immune health.

Today, gut-related complaints affect 60–70 million people in the US, costing nearly $40bn in primary care visits. Digestive complaints can indicate low levels of inflammation in the gut, which can contribute to disorders such as fatigue, weight gain, autoimmune conditions, depression and others. Therefore, interventions that can reduce gut-based inflammation have widespread implications for improving patient care management.

The new study by IgY Nutrition examines the effects of IgY Max, an egg-based immunoglobulin, on three markers of gut integrity: zonulin, a marker of mucosal permeability; diamine oxidase (DAO), a marker of inflammatory control; and histamine, a marker of inflammation.

Subjects reported noticing 'a decrease in gas and bloating,' and 'feeling more energy.' Objectively, a 95% decline in the occurrence of zonulin showed a decrease in gut wall permeability. Similarly, a 290% growth of DAO/histamine ratio demonstrates a decline in inflammation, suggesting greater control over histaminergic conditions such as rashes, headaches, anxiety and insomnia.

Chiefly, results of a stool culture analysis supported that a daily 2g dosage of IgY Max increased the occurrence of beneficial flora, especially Lactobacillus, as well as Bactoroides fragilis, Bifidobacterium species, E. coli, Enterococcus and Clostridium, confirming that IgY Max provides unique support for microflora.

By reducing systemic inflammation, improving mucosal permeability and positively influencing cultures in the microbiome, IgY Max was shown to improve gut integrity and reduce digestive complaints associated with disorders such as fatigue, weight gain and depression.

These findings suggest that by taking IgY Max daily, individuals suffering from gut-based inflammation can resolve underlying causes of poor digestive function and increase bacterial diversity for improved quality of life.

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