Bioiberica rebrands nutraceutical ingredients for healthcare


The initiative is part of a long-term strategy which aims to set a platform for the company’s future growth

Bioiberica, a life science company specialising in the identification and extraction of biomolecules of therapeutic value for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, has launched a brand identity for its healthcare branded ingredients portfolio. The initiative is part of a long-term strategy which aims to set a platform for the company’s future growth and support its customers and partners.

Jaume Reguant, Director of Healthcare at Bioiberica, said: “At Bioiberica, everything we do is driven by an unstoppable desire to improve people’s health and wellbeing. Faced with some of the most significant healthcare challenges of our time, we are embracing the need for solutions that go the extra mile.

“The rebrand gives customers a suite of well-defined products, made more accessible and identifiable with a clearer brand architecture.”

Alongside the refreshed brand identity, the rebrand involves the renaming of the company’s native (undenatured) type II collagen, Collavant n2 (previously b-2Cool) and the addition of Tendaxion - a brand for its tendon health ingredient. These products join Mobilee, a patented hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient, and CSbioactive chondroitin sulfate to create a consolidated portfolio of products for the mobility market.

“Our initial move has been to refocus our mobility ingredients, but this is just the first step of many to offer a more comprehensive portfolio of solutions to our customers. We are constantly investing in our products; the science behind them, our understanding of the target market, and how they should be positioned to help our customers grow their business with truly innovative products,” added Reguant.

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“Our newly launched brand strategy for our healthcare-oriented ingredients is designed to deliver enhanced co-collaboration opportunities and a stronger foundation on which to build and market products, providing greater potential for growth in new areas.”