BrightG, an indulgent approach to gummies to support healthy cognition

Published: 19-Apr-2022

Backed by science, Funtrition´s gummy experts developed a one-of-a-kind product for the supplement market that is powered by amazing ingredients supporting focus and cognition in a tasty tangerine gummy

Through deep knowledge and expertise in gummy design, formulation and development Funtrition by Procaps introduces a one-of-a-kind gummy product for the market. BrightG delivers focus, energy, and cognition in a dose of three tasty tangerine gummies. This nutraceutical supplement is powered by Cereboost, to provide the unparalleled benefits of American Ginseng, plus choline and Omega-3 fish oils.

A steady mind that can actively think and generate ideas that help us stand out? I’ll take one please! BrightG, will help your consumers have their mind, energy and cognition working in perfect harmony to be present and give their 110% all the time. With American Ginseng as its main ingredient, BrightG can help improve short-term memory and alertness, as well as cognitive performance.

Self-care is how you take your power back. This is proven by various studies that show how consumers believe emotional and mental health is as important as their physical health.* With BrightG, help your consumers take their power back, and choose to be aware and present.

You´ll love BrightG for its:

  • Light texture & clean bite
  • Explosion of citric flavours
  • Chewing & portable ease
  • Amazing benefits backed by science
  • Natural colour, flavour & sweeteners

Let's create market leading products with maximum efficacy, quality, and innovation, together!

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