Can Quatrefolic help elderly brain aging and cognitive decline?


Supplementation with Quatrefolic active folate may restore plasma folate levels and counteract the various physiological changes that cause deficits in cognitive performance and neurological functioning

Major aspects of human cognitive function are influenced by a variety of factors including genetics, lifestyle, nutrition, disease, as well as both normal and pathological aging. But what happens with ageing? What could be considered normal cognitive age? Can we adopt suggested behaviors to slow it down?

Identifying the risk factors for age-related cognitive decline, like folate deficiency, and the potential variety of interventions that may help to improve cognitive performance in older age is one of the greatest challenges to improving the quality of life of seniors. In 2050, those over 60 years will represent 22% of the world’s population.

Folate (vitamin B9) is one of the most critical substances investigated for its potential to slow or reverse age-related cognitive decline, especially in the elderly, helping to counteract the onset of dementia through its interaction with the neurotoxic substance homocysteine (Hcy). Scientific data report that the highest folate deficiency rates in the population occur among older adults, with estimated prevalence rates ranging from 5% to 20%. The prevalence of folate deficiency is high among individuals aged ≥65 years, mainly due to reduced dietary intake, intestinal malabsorption, and metabolism defects that affect a part of the population due to enzyme polymorphisms.

The supplementation of folate may restore plasma folate levels, counteract the various physiological changes that cause deficits in cognitive performance and neurological functioning, and normalize Hcy plasma levels. Specifically, Quatrefolic® offers the metabolically active form of folate, the 5-MTHF, effective in all people independent of the enzyme polymorphism. Ensuring the right dosage of biologically active folate, Quatrefolic®, allows the full enjoyment of one’s golden years.

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