Hydrosol stabilising systems enable reduced cost alternatives

Published: 7-Apr-2021

The Stabisol and Stabimuls systems are designed to enable cost-reduced recipes

Hydrosol has introduced a range of systems for the cost-effective production of dairy, deli and meat and sausage products.

For toppings for hot dogs, pasta or convenience products, Hydrosol has developed a stabilising system for making spreadable cheese analogues for squeeze tubes. The system gives a creamy mouthfeel at 20% cheese content, the company says, and the products can be eaten hot or cold. They can be heated to about 40°C before eating, and adhere to warm pasta very well. Due to their high viscosity, the products can be filled and marketed in various kinds of tubes and squeeze packages.

The Stabisol and Stabimuls systems are designed to enable cost-reduced recipes. These include various pudding variations with creamy mouthfeel. Using the systems, it is possible to make economical puddings based on skim milk and sweet whey powder using a continuous heat exchanger and high-pressure homogeniser. The texture of the end product can be adjusted by changing the filling temperature and dosage of the stabiliser system. In combination with protein mixes from the Stabiprot series, manufacturers can use these systems to create protein-rich puddings.

The company has also developed formulations for sandwich spreads and mayonnaises using these systems, with fat content reduced up to 40%. The lower fat content results in a lower price, Hydrosol says, and it’s low pH means the product does not need to be refrigerated.

The technology can also be used in ketchup and other types of red sauces, enabling manufacturers to reduce the tomato content of sauces and compensate for the lower viscosity using the stabilising system.

The company also offers the HydroTOP CS range, which reportedly enables economical recipes for sausages and cooked cured meats. The formulations can be individually adjusted depending on the meat component, and the systems work regardless of the kind of meat. They reduce cooking loss and boost yield, Hydrosol claims.

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