Ingredients by Nature promotes eriocitrin research

Published: 15-Jun-2021

Two studies on rats and mice have explored the ingredient’s role in supporting a balanced inflammatory response

Ingredients by Nature, a supplier of customisable, science-based food ingredients, has shared the latest research behind eriocitrin’s role in improving health. Two studies on rats and mice have further explored the ingredient’s role in supporting a balanced inflammatory response and improving antioxidant capacity respectively.

The first study “Pharmacokinetics and Biodistribution of Eriocitrin in Rats,” published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry orally administered an eriocitrin-enriched lemon peel extract donated by IBN to investigate the pharmacokinetics and distribution of eriocitrin metabolites in Wistar rats.

Eriocitrin metabolites are associated with blood glucose support, cardiovascular support, and improved antioxidant capacity. Seven of the nine metabolites were detected in various organs—including liver, pancreas, kidneys and spleen—and blood plasma. The pharmacokinetic results of this study were able to show the in vivo concentrations and distributions of eriocitrin metabolites, with high amounts in the pancreas, connecting with the ingredients ability to significantly improve blood glucose levels. Additionally, the study showed eriocitrin has the potential to protect pancreatic cells from oxidative stress and regenerate B-cells. The researchers concluded eriocitrin is a highly bioavailable compound with significant amounts able to be found within key areas of the body that influence blood sugar regulation and other associated health functions.

The second study, “Impact of citrus flavonoid supplementation on inflammation in lipopolysaccharide-induced periodontal disease in mice” was published in the journal Food & Function. Groups of mice with experimental periodontal disease were given eriocitrin at doses of 25 and 50 mg per kilogram body weight. The data reportedly showed a reduction in TNF-alpha and IL-1B pro-inflammatory cytokines while also increasing IL-10 expression in mice that consumed eriocitrin, influencing a more balanced inflammatory response. Compared to the control group, the company says, the flavonoid group decreased inflammatory cells by about 23% and decreased myeloperoxidase and eosinophil peroxidase activities, two enzymes associated with inflammatory responses, by about 58% and 43% respectively.

“The research being done on eriocitrin continues to give us a better understanding on how it works within different areas of the body to efficaciously address multiple concerns related to raised blood glucose levels and the body’s natural immune response,” said Rob Brewster, President of IBN. “We knew we had something special when we formulated Eriomin and the data behind eriocitrin solidifies the initial learning from our human clinical trial on Eriomin that our ingredient is one of the best options available.”

The company launched Eriomin in 2019, a lemon flavonoid blend comprised primarily of eriocitrin. It’s own study on the branded ingredient displayed the ingredient’s potential for helping reduce blood glucose levels, balance the inflammatory response and improve antioxidant defenses. The science behind Eriomin and eriocitrin earned IBN patent approval for its use of eriocitrin in blood glucose support formulas and additional research is currently underway.

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