KHS introduces updated cardboard can topper system

Published: 21-May-2021

The cardboard can toppers, available in both a closed (TopClip) and open (GreenClip) version, are made by cardboard manufacturer Smurfit Kappa

The KHS Group has introduced the Innopack Kisters CNP (carton nature packer), which it says can process can toppers made of cardboard at up to 108,000 cans per hour.

The packer has been designed as a modular system that can be individually added to as and when required. This means operators can switch to different cardboard materials or alter the pack size, among other options. Sören Storbeck, Global Packaging Product Account Manager at KHS, said: “On the market we’re noticing that packaging variants are being established as alternatives to single-use plastic, especially in the beer and carbonated soft drink segments.”

The cardboard can toppers, available in both a closed (TopClip) and open (GreenClip) version, are made by cardboard manufacturer Smurfit Kappa. “Thanks to Smurfit Kappa’s many years of expertise, coupled with our complex specialist knowledge in mechanical engineering, we can offer our customers a future-proof packaging system that’s sustainable, consumer friendly and gentle on resources,” Storbeck said.

A range of options is also available when it comes to processing. The cardboard packer can be used for both standard and sleek can formats holding between 250 and 580 ml. The alternative to plastic film or plastic rings also manages various sizes of multipack containing four, six or eight containers.

Adhesive is not used during processing; the pack is kept stable by the punched and folded cardboard topper. “This means that the cardboard satisfies the highest demands for sustainability. It’s made of renewable raw materials and is fully recyclable and biodegradable,” said Storbeck.

The machine can also be equipped with a camera-controlled orientation module. Using this module cans can be individually positioned within the pack, which enables manufacturers to make the brand more visible to consumers. The cardboard topper also provides extra space for advertising messages, KHS says.

The modular packer can be integrated into existing lines and KHS offers its customers and all other interested parties a comprehensive consultancy service – from planning through configuration to implementation of the system.

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