Mile High Labs earns NSF GMP certification for dietary supplements

The company produces isolated and broad spectrum bulk cannabinoid ingredients, as well as a range of cannabinoid-infused ingestibles, topicals, and other finished consumer goods

Mile High Labs, a manufacturer of hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients and finished products, has recently earned NSF International's dietary supplements and cosmetics/personal care GMP certifications. The certifications reportedly demonstrate the company’s manufacturing facility in Colorado has the equipment, facilities, and controls in place to produce the high quality hemp-cannabinoid products.

In June 2021, ingredient company Royal DSM entered a commercial partnership with MHL based on its commitment to sustainability, quality, regulatory compliance and cannabinoid manufacturing capabilities.

"Since our inception, Mile High Labs has been committed to good manufacturing practices and setting a higher standard for quality throughout our industry," said Jodi Gatica, VP of Quality and Regulatory, Mile High Labs. "Until federal regulation for CBD comes, obtaining these certifications helps provide guidance for major CPG brands and big-box retailers looking to successfully and responsibly enter the space by providing consistent, reliable, high-quality products to their consumers."

The NSF GMP standards are designed to strengthen safety, quality, and trust throughout the supply chain. The guidelines assist companies in developing and maintaining proper controls in their manufacturing process so that products are processed, manufactured, and labelled consistently and meet quality standards.

"The GMP mark indicates that an NSF International auditor has audited a facility, reviewed relevant documents and processes, and deemed the facility compliant with GMP regulations for production," said David Trosin, Senior MD, Global Health Sciences Certification at NSF International. "We're very pleased to grant NSF/ANSI 455-2 and NSF/ANSI 455-3 GMP certifications to Mile High Labs's Broomfield, Colorado manufacturing facility.

"Being the one of the first CBD manufacturers to receive both certifications is a testament to our ongoing mission of quality, compliance, and producing the best products for consumers," said Doug Lynch, CCO, Mile High Labs. "Our regulatory team's continued efforts allow our customers to differentiate themselves in an underregulated market while ensuring that when federal regulations arrive, MHL and its customers will be ready."