Stratum Nutrition extends its patent portfolio to Europe and Canada

Published: 24-May-2022

Stratum Nutrition is pleased to announce that ESM Technologies, LLC recently received Notices of Allowance for two different patents in two new geographic regions

One of the patents, ‘Methods for Treating NF-kB Dysregulation in a Host in Need Thereof Using Eggshell Membrane Compositions’ was first issued in the US in 2019 (US 10,328,104) and has recently been allowed by the European Patent Office. This invention deals with a whole host of conditions and diseases related to NF-kB dysregulation including: pulmonary, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, & nervous system.

The other patent, ‘Method for Evaluating Articular Joint Therapeutics’ was first issued in the US in 2018 (US 9,983,214) and has recently been allowed by the Canadian Intellectual Property Office. This invention deals with a clinical trial design using the cartilage degradation biomarker CTX-II to evaluate articular joint therapeutics for chondroprotective efficacy. Both patents are still pending in multiple additional jurisdictions.

“We are excited to extend our patent protection to additional geographies. This is particularly true for our CTX-II clinical model patent, which has now been allowed in the US, Europe, Canada, Japan, and several other countries. We have used this patented model in multiple clinical trials to demonstrate that our flagship ingredient, NEM brand eggshell membrane, helps to protect cartilage in exercising individuals.”, said Kevin Ruff, Stratum’s Sr. Director of Scientific & Regulatory Affairs.

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