TSI Group healthy ageing ingredient earns Brazil’s ANVISA registration

Published: 26-Aug-2021

Supplementation with the myHMB has reportedly been shown to increase muscle mass and performance

TSI has announced its HMB product, myHMB, has recently received approval from the Brazilian Agencia Nacional de Vigilancia Sanitaria (ANVISA).

Supplementation with HMB (myHMB), a metabolite of leucine, has reportedly been shown to improve lean body mass, muscle strength and physical function at the dosage of 3 g daily. The product has a dual action of simultaneously increasing muscle protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown. Since the ingredient activates the machinery needed for muscle synthesis, the company says, even when protein quality is suboptimal, it helps to maximise the benefits of protein for muscle health.

The product data was highly scrutinised before receiving ANVISA Registration approval.

“To receive the ANVISA positive listing was a very comprehensive task,” confirms John C. Fuller, Jr., TSI Group’s Director of Regulatory. “Brazil is highly regulated, which fits with our extensive research dossier well. I am gratified to have successfully completed this application because myHMB will end up helping a lot of people in Brazil.”

“Our ANVISA authorisation has enabled us to move forward with a strategic and robust myHMB launch with two of the largest Brazilian pharmaceutical companies. Their sales forces, consisting of several thousand trained sales professionals, represent myHMB and its tremendous muscle health benefits in conversations with physicians and pharmacists every day,” said TSI Group President Larry Kolb.

“Collagen, as well as approved biologics glucosamine/chondroitin, are already enjoying overwhelming popularity in Brazil for joint health,” he said. “There is also widespread acceptance of vitamin D for bone health, which can be combined with HMB; the combination is backed by a recently published human clinical study showing that vitamin D plus myHMB improves muscle mass, strength and function in older adults, even without exercise.

“Our brand partners like the synergistic consumer benefits with the addition of myHMB to their bone and joint products. One customer’s sales are rapidly increasing, which validates a strong consumer need for total musculoskeletal health. When we educate consumers effectively through our brand partners’ physician sales force, they get it. It makes sense to them, and they feel motivated to take myHMB with their joint, bone products.”

The product is currently approved in China, Canada, the US and the EU, among others.

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