Plant-based softgels with Versagel technology

Published: 11-Mar-2021

It’s time for this flexible format to be the cornerstone of your next supplement or healthcare application! Download Procaps' technology presentation to find out more

While plant-based diets continue to grow in popularity, the desire to live and act more sustainably and healthfully is also on the rise.

Wish you could develop natural products, quickly, without compromising on quality or product performance?

Meet our vegetarian softgel technology, Versagel™, a versatile option for the encapsulation of high viscous, semisolid or high pH fill contents.

Versagel™ is a platform that has been built at Procaps from different standpoints such as: formulation, R&D, process, product and experience.


  • Since its beginnings, vegetarian soft capsules were promoted as products offered to religious, ethnic or groups with dietary restrictions.
  • The chemistry of the polymer materials used in their manufacturing results in a product with certain advantages over the conventional soft gelatin capsules.
  • Materials currently used are non-ionic polymers, mainly carbohydrates that are low reactive and therefore stable.


  • Plant-based diets have been growing in popularity, reflecting consumer desires to act more sustainably and eat more healthfully.
  • The pandemic has given consumers more reasons to avoid animal-based foods, which will lead to more growth for the plant-based category.

Click here to download the technology presentation.

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