Enhancing the purity and safety of early life, medical and preventive nutrition

Published: 16-May-2024

Budenheim has enhanced its annual capacity after a €57m investment into its German site, with the company now hosting 5,000 sqm of production area

Budenheim, a chemical specialist operating in the nutraceutical industry, has increased its annual capacity by 4,400 tonnes along with new products for early-life, preventive and medical nutrition sectors. Starting this month, the company’s brand-new ‘House of Nutrition’ is now open to receive orders for mineral phosphate samples, with full production expected later this year.

This achievement represents the latest milestone in Budenheim’s EUR €57m investment at its site in Germany.

The ‘House of Nutrition’, with its 5,000m2 of manufacturing space, is suitable for sensitive applications, such as the production of calcium and magnesium.

“Delivering products with the highest purity and safety credentials for most sensitive and vulnerable target groups requires creativity. Our strippable bags, for instance, consist of inner and outer layers that allow our customers to insert a hermetically protected inner bag into their hygiene areas,” explains Peter de Jager, Vice President of Sales at Budenheim.

Manufacturing companies can visit Budenheim’s booth at Vitafoods Europe to learn more about the brand-new ‘House of Nutrition’. The company will be exhibiting at Vitafoods Europe, booth J268, on May 14-16 in Geneva. 


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