Research finds connection between PEAK ATP ingredient and cognitive function

Published: 22-Aug-2023

A recent study has revealed that subjects who supplemented with PEAK ATP experienced enhanced cognitive improvements in focus and reaction time following their workouts.

PEAK ATP is a pre-workout ingredient primarily known for its effects of improving energy, reducing muscle fatigue, and increasing power output, but until recently how it affected consumers from a cognitive standpoint has never been looked at.

“We’ve always understood how PEAK ATP works as a pre workout supplement. But we’ve also heard from athletes and previous study participants that they feel better and have less brain fog, post exercise with this ingredient,” said TSI Group President, Larry Kolb. “That’s why this study came to life. We wanted to see if there was something measurable going on. Professional athletes understand the importance of not having their reaction time decline at crucial times. Improved cognitive benefits and reaction times, after participating in a high-intensity activity for a while, are good for team athletes as well as golfers, tennis players and anyone else who needs to maintain their focus throughout a match or game.”

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ATP is the cell's energy chemical, and the PEAK ATP ingredient provides a source of real energy and acts as a signalling molecule that further potentiates the role of ATP in the body, increasing functional energy capacity.

Breakdown of the study

The purpose of the study was to examine the acute effect of PEAK ATP vs. placebo on cognitive function, reaction time, multiple object tracking, and mood in healthy men and women before and after a fatiguing exercise protocol. 

The study used 20 men and women who were healthy, recreationally active individuals that were between the ages of 18-40.  During the 14-day study, individuals were given PEAK ATP or placebo to ingest before performing an intense three-minute all-out test on a cycle ergometer (3MT).

PEAK ATP is entering the nootropic space within sports nutrition, offering both physical and cognitive benefits

- TSI Group President, Larry Kolb

Researchers measured visuomotor reaction time, multiple object tracking speed, mood and cognition before and after participants high-intensity exercise bouts.  What they found was subjects who were taking PEAK ATP maintained proactive reaction time and improved reactive reaction time following a high-intensity sprint exercise.  The study also showed that PEAK ATP supplementation was able to decrease the number of errors during a reactive visuomotor task.  It also suggested that ATP may mitigate exercise induced cognitive dysfunction.   

“These results add an extra layer of benefits to taking PEAK ATP before exercise,” stated John Rathmacher, PhD, director of clinical research at TSI Group. “Now that we have science-backed data confirming its post-exercise benefits regarding reaction time and improved accuracy, PEAK ATP is entering the nootropic space within sports nutrition, offering both physical and cognitive benefits.”

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