StePac automates its less wasteful packaging line

By Sophie Bullimore | Published: 16-Jan-2019

New Xtend packaging range has been tailored to work with automated packing lines

StePac has made its branded range of packaging compatible with automated bulk and retail packing lines. The new range designed by the company produces less plastic waste. The range type is Modified Atmosphere/Modified Humidity (MA/MH).

This ‘greener’ range extends fresh produce shelf life during long shipping processes, therefore reduces product waste. Alongside the reduced plastic usage this reduction has a ‘climate positive’ effect.

Gary Ward, PhD, StePac Technical Development Manager said: “The transition to automated flowpack packaging significantly reduces the amount of plastic consumed.” He added: “The carbon emission savings resulting from its use exceeds the carbon emissions of the packaging.”

The move to automated packing systems is also good news for growers/packers and importers who will enjoy the added benefits of lowered labour and handling costs.

The subsidiary of Johnson Matthey developed multiple film structures to support the shift to automated MA/MH packaging. One type, the Xflow bulk flowpack film, reduces the amount of plastic packaging used by up to 40%.

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