Tate & Lyle's allulose syrup patent application claims upheld in Australia

Published: 19-Jan-2024

Tate & Lyle has received the last of a series of decisions handed down by the Australian Patent Office upholding its allulose syrup patent application claims, which were challenged by several organisations

Tate & Lyle’s intellectual property covers the manufacturing process and use of stabilised allulose syrups. The Australian Patent Office’s decisions further solidify Tate & Lyle’s leadership position in allulose innovation.

Tate & Lyle will respond to appeals filed by organisations challenging its Australian patent applications by continuing to defend its position.

For many years Tate & Lyle has invested significantly in research, development, sustainable manufacturing, applications, technical service, regulatory approvals and securing intellectual property rights relating to allulose solutions.

This investment in research and innovation resulted in Tate & Lyle being the first company to commercialise a stabilised allulose syrup and be granted multiple allulose patents in markets around the world.  

“Our allulose patent portfolio, which includes numerous granted and pending patent applications worldwide, shows our strength in accelerating innovation for sweetener ingredients,” said Abigail Storms, Senior Vice President of Global Platforms, Sweeteners and Fibres at Tate & Lyle.

“Securing, protecting and defending our intellectual property is critical to maintaining our innovation leadership.”

DOLCIA PRIMA LS Allulose Syrup is part of Tate & Lyle’s sweetener portfolio and highly sought after sugar and calorie reduction toolbox that provides formulation solutions for food and beverage manufacturers seeking to meet the rising consumer demand for healthier products.

Tate & Lyle is committed to ensuring broad access to and availability of allulose syrup to worldwide consumers by providing innovation, commercialisation, collaboration and licensing opportunities to other companies in the market.  

Allulose is a low-calorie, sweetening ingredient that has an exceptional, sugar-like taste and texture performance in formulations with a fraction of the calories.

Originally identified in wheat, it has since been found in certain fruits including figs, raisins and in maple syrup. It is one of many different rare sugars that exist in nature in very small quantities.

Allulose provides bulking and sweetness in food and beverage products while reducing calories, and therefore it can be used in practically any application that conventionally employs nutritive and non-nutritive sweeteners.

Its versatility, consumer-friendly labelling, sweetness, and appealing texture make it an ideal choice for low-calorie chocolates, gummies, vitamin gummies and dietary supplements, baked goods and more. 

Tate & Lyle looks forward to significantly broadening the use of DOLCIA PRIMA Allulose and continues to invest in its science and solution capabilities to deliver breakthrough ingredient technologies. 

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