VIVACOAT free: Free from TiO2, free from colour limitations

Published: 23-Jun-2022

VIVACOAT free is the Titanium Dioxide free ready-to-use coating system designed for Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical formulations

The upcoming ban of TiO2 from food products has presented new challenges for nutraceutical companies and their suppliers to reformulate their existing formulations.

TiO2 provides the best whiteness and opacity with no products offering comparable characteristics.

When developing tablets with thin film coatings, replacing Ti02 can be extremely difficult.

To VIVACOAT free provides the best Ti02 free solution to achieve the preferred tablet colour while avoiding additional weight gain.

Benefits Include:

  • TiO2- free
  • Talcum-free
  • Free choice of colours
  • Low weight gain
  • High solid content
  • No limits for dark tablet cores

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