Artemis International announces expansion of ingredient portfolio

Published: 10-Apr-2024

The company introduces Fenuflakes, a formulation featuring fenugreek seeds to enhance fibre and protein intake

Artemis International, a global supplier of berry nutraceutical ingredients to the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage industries, announces a substantial portfolio expansion beyond its dark berry extract offerings. 

The ambitious rollout syncs with the key trend of food, beverage and supplement manufacturers innovating with functional ingredients to meet consumer demand with products with a ‘better for you’ halo. 

The company has added Fenuflakes, a formulation featuring debittered, defatted flakes of fenugreek seeds that are rich in fibre and high in protein, with the added benefit of being ultra-low in fat and carbohydrates.

“We think through every customer inquiry that comes our way because priority one is to supply the quality ingredients they need to move their business forward,” says Leslie Gallo, president of Artemis International. “Recent requests inspired us to make a major shift in our core business model to include a wide variety of functional ingredients, many of which will be ideally suited for food and beverage formulation.” 

Extensive market research has allowed Artemis to roll out ingredients that are desirable to consumers, cost effective and solution oriented. 


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