Gelita introduces collagen peptide solutions for better functional bars

Published: 15-May-2024

The solution enhances the texture profile of functional bars, whilst acting as a sugar-free binder

GELITA, a company providing collagen peptide solutions for food and nutrition, is introducing OPTIBAR, an ingredient that allows manufacturers to create future-proof, next generation bars that satisfy two of the most important consumer trends.

The ingredient allows more protein to be delivered in functional bars with a pleasant texture. It also acts as a sugar-free binder, enabling ‘low sugar’ and ‘no sugar’ claims in cereal bars.

OPTIBAR is a specific blend of collagen peptides optimised for bar production. It has excellent solubility, so it creates pleasantly smooth bars with an indulgent mouthfeel that lasts throughout their shelf life – even at very high protein levels of as much as 60%. For best results, GELITA recommends using OPTIBAR together with whey or plant-based protein: Whey and plant proteins add structure, while OPTIBAR ensures homogeneity, a pleasant bite and long-lasting softness.

As well as enabling protein enrichment, OPTIBAR can also be used as a sugar-free binder in cereal bars. Thus, the sugar content can be minimised and appropriate ‘low sugar’ or ‘no sugar’ claims can be made in bars that stay pleasantly crunchy throughout their shelf life.


Versatile and efficient

The versatile collagen peptides powder is the latest addition to the company’s portfolio of naturally functional branded collagen peptide ingredients. Derived by enzymatic hydrolysis of natural collagen, OPTIBAR has good bioavailability and its neutral taste makes it ideal for both sweet and savory bars. It's easy to customise with flavours, sweeteners, colorants and dietary fibres and it combines well with other nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

Being completely natural, OPTIBAR is non-GMO and free from E-numbers, so it is ideal for clean label products with potential nutritional claims (under EU Regulation 1924/2006) including ‘source of protein’, ‘high protein’, ‘reduced sugar’, ‘low sugar’, and ‘sugar-free’.


Easy processing

Unlike traditional cereal bar binders, with OPTIBAR, there is no need for boiling. It is simply warmed with water and oil to 70° C then the dry ingredients are added and the mass is molded. OPTIBAR can be used in existing production lines without the need for additional equipment and its agglomerated form guarantees dust-free handling. Overall, using OPTIBAR leads to lower energy requirements, reduced processing costs, less thermal stress on sensitive ingredients and a lower environmental impact.


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