Grøntvedt omega-11 production capacity expands

Published: 24-Apr-2024

The company has expanded its omega-11 manufacturing capabilities by around 50% at its Uthaug site

Marine ingredients company Grøntvedt has increased its production capacity at its manufacturing plant in Uthaug, Norway, allowing it to produce a higher volume of CETO3, it’s proprietary omega-11 ingredient.

“With the latest investment into our production facility at Uthaug, we will be able to increase raw material capacity by at least 50%,” commented COO Hans Ola Hovde at Grøntvedt Biotech.

The ingredient can stimulate the body's own production of EPA/DHA

CETO3 contains high levels of omega-11, also known as Cetoleic acid. Early studies on omega-11 have found that the ingredient can stimulate the body’s own production of EPA/DHA.

The Omega-3 index study done with CETO3 was conducted by Mike Wakeman, a researcher from University of Sunderland, found that the ingredient stimulated the body’s own production of EPA/DHA significantly when compared to the fish oil group. 

The published study shows the CETO3 EPA/DHA pro-rata efficiency is 68% better than for the standard fish oil due to the internal production of EPA/DHA, enhanced by Omega-11.

“Studies with oils rich in Omega-11 have significantly shown improvements in LDL cholesterol, insulin sensitivity and glucose levels. These are areas where standard fish oil with EPA/DHA have shown low or no effects” says Stig Jansson CINO in Grøntvedt Biotech.

Grøntvedt`s immediate processing, from fresh fish produced to oil, in less than 30 minutes, enables Grøntvedt Biotech to optimise the CETO3 product with unique sensory qualities which broadens the applications for usages from capsules to liquid formulation. High Omega-11 is only found in North Atlantic pelagic fish.

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