Alkemist Labs first in the industry to protect COAs against counterfeits

Published: 24-Jan-2024

Alkemist Labs have developed a blockchain technology to tackle the counterfeiting and external interference of their certificates of analysis (COAs)

HealthLOQ is pleased to announce that Alkemist Labs is the first analytical testing laboratory serving the natural products industry to fully protect their certificates of analysis (COAs) against counterfeits and unauthorised tampering using HealthLOQ’s document protection software. 

In addition to ongoing tests and certificates, Alkemist Labs has protected the entirety of their almost 300,000 historical COAs from would-be bad actors, while protecting client confidentiality. 

Retailers, regulators, consumers or any other interested party are now able to verify in seconds if a given document is the unaltered, original Alkemist COA. 

HealthLOQ leverages zero-knowledge proof, blockchain and cryptography technologies to enable the protection and validation of digital documents without breaching confidentiality equirements. 

Original, authentic documents are processed through an irreversible one-way encryption within the Alkemist Labs server environment, resulting in a unique “digital fingerprint” of the document.

This digital fingerprint is then stored on an unalterable blockchain ledger and is perpetually available for comparison against the digital fingerprint of any purported authentic documents that have been processed by the same encryption algorithm.

The HealthLOQ authentication service is non-disruptive to existing workflows, automated and designed to preserve the privacy and proprietary nature of each document.

“Our transparency in including the relevant test methods with each C of A had made us particularly vulnerable to document counterfeiting over the years,” said Elan Sudberg, CEO of Alkemist Labs. “It’s a risk we had to take to push the needle on transparency but we’ve been fighting bad actors who altered and misused those documents. HealthLOQ's program helps protect both us and our customers.”


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