Kemin granted novel food authorisation for immune support ingredient in the EU

Published: 19-Apr-2024

The authorisation allows the company to sell the ingredient within the European Union (EU), as well as marking a five year exclusivity to the EU market

Kemin Industries, a global ingredient manufacturer, has received Novel Food authorisation from the European Commission for BetaVia Pure, along with a five-year exclusivity in the European Union. 1

BetaVia Pure is manufactured through a patented process using Euglena gracilis—Kemin’s proprietary strain of algae. The ingredient has a 95% beta 1,3 glucan (paramylon) concentration.

With its neutral odour, colour and small recommended dose, the postbiotic can be included in numerous finished-product forms and easily included as part of a daily health routine.

Effective April 30, 2024, the Commission Implementing Regulation authorises BetaVia Pure to be placed on the market in specific food categories. The comprehensive proprietary data generated by Kemin’s Human Nutrition and Health business unit establishing the safety of BetaVia Pure led to a five-year exclusivity in the European Union market.

The Novel Food authorisation includes usage in food supplements for a range of age groups—from children from 3 years of age up to adulthood—and allows for BetaVia Pure to be used in diet replacements for weight control and cereal bars for the general population.

“The European Food Safety Authority conducted a rigorous evaluation of the safety data on BetaVia Pure, so receiving approval is an achievement that demonstrates the strength of the Novel Food dossier Kemin Human Nutrition and Health submitted to the European Commission.” Said Pedro Vieira, Vice President – Europe, Kemin Human Nutrition and Health. 

BetaVia has an established global regulatory status, including in the US, Brazil, Japan, China and many other countries. 

Kemin Human Nutrition and Health’s naturally sourced solutions are GRAS, kosher, halal, vegetarian, gluten free, allergen free and non-GMO.

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