Keraplast expands keratin manufacturing capabilities with novel Christchurch facility

Published: 13-Jun-2024

The relocation allows Keraplast to process 300 tonnes of wool per year, enhancing its keratin production capabilities significantly

Keraplast — a keratin ingredients specialist — has relocated to Christchurch, New Zealand from Lincoln.

The move has allowed the company to move all its operations to one location, including its manufacturing, research and development functions; whilst almost doubling the floor space, facilitating any future company expansion.


Bolstering keratin production for a global market

The novel facility can process around 300 tonnes of wool per year, which is nearly four times the capacity of the previous site.

Using wool to extract keratin for the supplements industry is highly beneficial, explained CEO of Keraplast, Howard Moore: “Had that wool been exported on the open market, it would have generated much less than NZD $500,000. The value of our 14 ingredient products that we export from that wool exceeded $10m.”

Kerapast already exported keratin products to more than 20 countries, such as the US, Indonesia, Korea and China.

With this novel facility, the company hopes to expand their global footprint further, with a move into the European market being the next goal. 

It also aims to breathe life into the wool industry of New Zealand, which has been struggling in recent years; facing low prices and the loss of both wool quality assurance marshalls that were active in the industry.

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