Sabinsa launches 'Knowledge Day' to educate European formulators

Published: 3-Jun-2024

The initiative aims to inform nutraceutical formulators on the company's ingredient portfolio, its benefits and the studies that prove their efficacy

Sabinsa, a nutraceutical and cosmeceutical specialist, has launched 'Sabinsa Knowledge Day', which endeavours to collate information about clinically studied ingredients directly to clients across Europe. 

The “Sabinsa Knowledge Day” Europe edition is a mini-seminar series that will visit multiple cities throughout Europe, with each stop offering unique opportunities for learning and engagement.

Sabinsa’s scientists will discuss published studies, various formulation options ranging from capsules to beverages and highlight marketing points where brands can have a clear advantage with Sabinsa’s ingredients. 

Presentations will be given by Dr Umar Jan, President of European Operations, and Business Development Manager, Iwona Podewska.

The programme will kick off June 4, 2024, at Hotel Mestari in Helsinki, Finland. The launch event will feature interactive educational sessions on the science and benefits of Sabinsa’s flagship products, including the EFSA-approved C3 Reduct and the stress-relief ingredient Shagandha (Ashwagandha).

In addition, the following clinically studied products will be highlighted:

  • Nigellin: Extracted from black cumin seed, Nigellin is known for its anti-allergic, immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cirpusins: A natural compound that supports healthy weight management and metabolic health
  • Silbinol: Extracted from the heartwood of Pterocarpus marsupium, Silbinol is recognised for its benefits in managing blood sugar levels
  • Starmeric: A unique starch derived from turmeric, offering a variety of health benefits including digestive support and anti-inflammatory properties
  • LactoSpore: A shelf-stable probiotic known for promoting gut health
  • Saberry: An extract from Amla (Indian gooseberry) rich in beta-glucogallin, supports sugar and lipid balance

“Educating formulators and marketers about the research behind Sabinsa’s products and providing manufacturing advice has always been appreciated and utilised by brands using our ingredients,” said Shaheen Majeed, Global Managing Director & CEO of Sami-Sabinsa Group.

“In addition to conversations at customer’s desks and in trade show booths, this new programme is more agile than our big production Sabinsa On Wheels programs, so we can host them in more cities and more often.”

Sabinsa Knowledge Day is a new addition to the company’s education initiatives and augments the in-depth Sabinsa on Wheels (SOW) events, which are longer-term and more extensive education tours. 

In addition to Sabinsa’s scientists, SOW speakers can include regulatory attorneys, journalists and independent scientists.

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