Verbasnol diminishes acne and improves skin health, study reveals

Published: 23-May-2024

Supplementation with the Chinese medicinal herb reduced the presence of acne in study participants within 28 days, and worked to improve skin complexion and luminosity by day 56

NuLiv Science, a plant-based nutraceutical ingredients company, has released the results of a study examining the safety and efficacy of Verbasnol, its proprietary Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch leaf extract for moderate to severe acne in women.

The trial, which was published in Clinical, Cosmetic and Investigational Dermatology, highlighted that Verbasnol may be effective in reducing acne severity. 


Reducing acne and promoting skin health

80% of participants involved experienced improvements in their acne condition, highlighting the potential this natural ingredient may have in helping those suffering with the condition. 

Spanning two months, the study focused on adult women with poor Global Acne Grading Systems ("GAGS") scores — a widely accepted metric in dermatology for evaluating acne severity.

Each participant was administered either a capsule of Versbasnol or a placebo for 56 days, with results revealing significant improvements in GAGS scores by day 28, as well as notable enhancements in skin complexion and luminosity by day 56.

“This clinical evidence, corroborated by standardised GAGS scores, makes a compelling case for incorporating Verbasnol into skincare formulations of skincare brands. said Richard Wang, CEO of NuLiv Science.  "These findings present a unique opportunity for skincare and beauty brands to leverage the research data to strengthen and differentiate their products in the market.”

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