Vitafoods announces relocation to Barcelona in 2025

Published: 25-Sep-2023

After 26 years in Geneva, the global nutraceutical event Vitafoods is set to relocate to Barcelona in 2025 following extensive feedback from visitors and exhibitors

Informa Markets has announced that Vitafoods Europe is set to relocate to Barcelona in 2025. After years in Geneva, the decision comes after extensive visitor and exhibitor feedback, as well as exciting growth plans for the much-loved brand. 

With the global nutraceuticals market expected to grow at a significant CAGR of 9.3% by 2030, the move will allow the event to grow in line with market potential, welcoming more visitors and exhibitors and creating more business opportunities for companies that attend. 

Vitafoods Europe 2025 will be held on 20-22 May 2025 at Fira Barcelona, with more details on event features, content and sponsors to be announced next year.

As the industry evolves, so too does Vitafoods Europe. Barcelona has been selected as our new home after extensive research

- Natasha Berrow, Executive VP at Informa Markets

Speaking on the move, Natasha Berrow, Executive VP at Informa Markets, said: “After over two and a half incredible decades in Geneva, we’re excited to announce that Barcelona will be the home of Vitafoods Europe from 2025.”

Berrow continued: “The move is the result of the amazing growth we’ve had over the decades, and our new home will allow the event – and the companies that visit or exhibit – to continue to grow in line with the fast-paced nutraceutical market.”

Vitafoods’ new home in Barcelona will be ideal for facilitating the growth of the event and the wider nutraceutical community. Firstly, Spain is both a key test market for new nutraceutical product launches and one of the top 5 countries in the European nutraceuticals market, which collectively make up 66% of the market. 

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The city’s accessibility was also a crucial selection factor due to the provision of more direct flights, accommodation options and streamlined logistics within the EU. 

The city’s lively culture, attractions and food and drink make it an attractive destination, enhancing the Vitafoods Europe experience. 

Together, these factors will make it even easier for companies to attend Vitafoods Europe 2025 and explore new business opportunities.

Berrow continued: “As the industry evolves, so too does Vitafoods Europe. Barcelona has been selected as our new home after extensive research and listening to both our exhibitors and visitors, carefully considering what matters most to them.”

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